She is my muse! Her nature and her passion for art fascinated me! I was speechless when I saw the zoomed-in version of her paintings in Anna library, years ago. The high quality photographs conveyed exactly whatever the creator wanted to and I wondered how it would be to witness her paintings in real!It indeed…

Happy Saswathi Pooja

Happy Saraswathi Pooja! 🙂 I felt transported to the scene when I drew this! This is a special one in my digital artworks collection! Drew using iPadpro and apple pencil.


Grateful 🙂 Here is my 9th artwork for Inktober 2018. Used uniball pens. #inktober #inktober2018 #inktoberathtc

Kalpavriksha – Tree of life

Kalpavriksha – The tree of Life 🙂 My first ‘Tree of life’ drawing got sold recently and I wanted to create a different version of the same. This one is based on Madhubani style done using uniball pens.

The Happy Pig

“The happy pig” It’s absolutely blissful to work on mini illustrations after a tiring day. 🙂 Used watercolors and uniball. Took me around 10 minutes.